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Three main phases

technical basics and general knowledge, work experience wxithin a European production company, a mentored project.

The course was designed around stop-motion production process. The modules reflect the various stages: animation (walking cycle, postures, rhythm, etc), storyboard, sets and accessories, puppets, rigs, lighting, production, post-production, 3D module, writing...

It was designed, developed and will be taught by animationn professionals.

Teaching methodes: The course is based upon participation and learning by doing. Participants are excepted to share their skills and professional experience. Independant learning will be prompted, mainly during phase 3, by working on group projects.

1/ Phase 1 (three months): GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ​/ Exploring the global environment of animation (production constraints, overview of the animation sector in Europe, legal aspects, history and the aesthetics of stop-motion animation at international level with European focus) and analysing the entire production process (animation, puppets, sets, accessories).

 2/ Phase 2 (three months): WORK PLACEMENT IN A PRODUCTION COMPANY ​ / Students will take part in the making of a film in professional conditions. A study trip to the MIFA (International Market of Animation Film in Annecy) is included.
3/ Phase 3 (three months) : GROUP PROJECT ​/ Students will be working on a groupe projec (subgroupsof 3-4 people) in stop-motion animationn monitored and tutored by professionals; additional modules will be taught alog the projects: storyboard, animation, shooting, post-production.
Detailed program can be downloaded HERE !