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A vocationnal training

for creative and versatile technicians in stopmotion animation

Event though 3D and CGI images are omnipresent in animation cinema the recent movie “Isle of dogs” by Wes Anderson has shown that stop-motion, combined with new image technologies, is a sector with great potential. The European cinema and broadcasting markets are still investing in series and feature film projects, with a variety of styles and huge viewer numbers.
However, professionals working in the sector – both technicians and producers – have observed the following:
- The lack of qualified technicians;
- In order to improve the production process, technicians should be trained to have a full knowledge of all production phases ;
- It is crucial to pass on know-how from one generation to another.

The course was developed after a wide-ranging survey with professionals (producers, stop-motion animation technicians and directors). It is based on a clos partnership betwenn Films en Bretagne -the regional union of professionals - and the European Art School of Brittany.