A very small Hollywoodlike set.

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we are looking for various profiles in order to create a working team

This course is designed for a small group of 10 people. Working in small numbers allos quality work in workshops while establishing good groupe dynamics, which is essential for the smooth running of a long-term course. The number also reflect the capacity of the animation market to integrate course participants.

The course is open to:
-animation professionals wishing to improve their knowledge of the production process;
- multimedia artists with an interest for stop-motion animation;
- job-seekers with an artistic profile;
- any background including both creative and technical aspects of the trade. 

Please contact us  ASAP if you have any interest in Start Motion.
By e-mail : frederique.calvez[at]eesab.fr
By phone au  +33 (0)6 85 27 22 62

Selection process
Applications will be examined based on each candidate's experience, motivation and project. Candidates will then be shortlisted based on a interview whit a jury. Application formes will be looked at from 10-15 Septembre 2018. Interviews will take place on Friday 28 Septembre 2018 (face to face or online). The final list of participants will be published on 1st October 2018. Entrance to this course is subject to availability.

Please apply for funding as early as possible.
  Application form can be downloaded here , we will require the following documents
    • Support statement, CV,
    • Portfolio (DVD, 2D, 3D)